Why Buncolator?

Because when you’re the scorekeeper for such a fast-paced game, scratching out the points for two teams on a piece of paper can sometimes lead to mistakes. We've always loved the game Bunco, but we would always dread when it was our turn to keep score for the table… that was before we developed the one and only app, Buncolator, which aids in the score-keeping process.

Below is a list of reasons why you’ll find Buncolator worth downloading!
  • The app keeps score for two teams simultaneously
  • Differentiating colors help the eye quickly identify the right team
  • Quirky team names are assigned for each round
  • The score-keeping buttons are exclusive to Bunco: 1, 2, 5 & 21
  • There is an "oops" button which erases any points entered by mistake
  • Automatic tally of points so no adding at the end
  • Players see a running list of each number entered to watch for mistakes and keep track of Buncos and Baby Buncos
  • Baby Buncos (5 points) and Buncos (21 points) are highlighted in pink 
  • The app shouts ‘Bunco!’ if the 21 button is hit or if a team reaches that number by accumulation
  • Restart button at the top right quickly clears the screen to begin a new round
  • Fun and flirty vintage design

Currently this app is available for use on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Buncolator Testimonies:

 A great app and very fun to use!! Love the graphics!
-J Marber

I love this app! Now I can pay more attention to my girlfriends and catching up when we play bunco as opposed to keeping score! What a smart, creative idea - well done!
-J Hobbs

I heard about this app from Calliespondence's blog. What an easy, cute, fabulous idea. Bravo!
-B Lemon

Nice layout, easy to use and very useful for bunco! The sound effects and retro images are super fun! Recommended to all players.