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Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Baby! Part Two: Southern sweetness!

Happy Friday dear readers!  Catherine and I hope you had as nice a Friday as we did.  We got to share some time together with our babies over lunch with two of our other best girlfriends and their little ones.  Good food with good friends (and a skinny margarita for me, I will have you know)
made for a fun lunch date.  I also hit up a fabulous children's consignment sale this morning where I scored some adorable brand-new pieces, tags intact, from the precious European clothing line Mayoral.  Check out some of their childrens' and baby pieces here.  So cute and hip too!  I will blog more about my finds in the near future, for all our Bunco-playin' (and bargain-lovin') mamas out there.

But I digress.... as I mentioned a while back, I would like to share some pics from showers we have enjoyed in the past.  Today will be the second installment of the Oh Baby series, as I will be sharing photos from a lovely shower that was thrown for me by some ladies in my hometown.  I am a lucky, lucky gal for many reasons, one being that my hubby and I live in the same town I grew up in.  It's a small city right outside Atlanta (7 miles from downtown in fact) that still manages to have a small-town feel.  You can check out our town website here. We are lucky to know a good many of our neighbors, and are constantly grateful for the care and concern mutually shared here.

This particular shower was thrown by dear sweet ladies who had been friends of my mother and who are also good friends with my stepmother (friendships that form a nice transition that life has arranged for my father and me).  They are really like aunts to me in many ways, and they sure can cook too.  :o)  It was also cohosted by a good friend of mine, Mara, who is one of the other hostesses' daughter-in-law.  She is as creative and caring as it gets, and she had some precious ideas for this shower!  In addition, I was also quite pleased with the way my hostess gifts turned out for this party.  

We played the always hilarious melted chocolate bar game!  My 88 year old grandmother was in stitches.  

Part of my hostess gift was a little box of this lovely-scented and beach-themed mix - goodness, potpourri is not what it used to be!  And I mean that in a good way.

These were the boxes of potpourri all wrapped up and ready for giving to my gracious hostesses.

I also gave the hostesses these frames, in keeping with my beach theme.

The invitation requested that the guests bring a baby photo so that we could hang them up and guess who was who!  This was my favorite game at the shower.  It was such fun...
and who doesn't love looking at baby pictures?!

The invitation for the shower, alongside some clothes' pins with my little boy-to-be's initials.  (I have them in his closet now).  You can also see one of the hostesses' handsome sons
(and Mara's husband) in the photos on the mantle.  

The pretty champagne cocktails that were served!

It was right around Easter-time, so that played into the decor.  Precious!
Those little bunnies are made from baby washcloths.  

Silver cups from the chandelier - an idea I also employed at a shower for my bestie Lauren a few years ago, documented in the first installment of the Oh Baby! series, found here.

No traditional Southern shower is complete without deviled eggs!  Gosh, these suckers are good! 

More of the cute decor Mara whipped up

Lunch was served in individual baskets.  It was adorable and delicious!
Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, pickles, and pasta salad.  Yum!!

Petit fours - another shower staple! 

These two-bite brownies were to die for!  I think I ate six - hey, I was pregnant!  :o)

Pretty, wasn't it?  I'm sure you agree that my hostesses outdid themselves!  Thanks ladies!

Have a great weekend!




Mara said...

What a nice walk down memory lane :) We had so much fun throwing that shower for you, Lindsay! Your hostess gift was above and beyond. That fabulous potpourri has been making my downstairs bathroom smell wonderful for months now! :)

Amy said...

Where did you find (or how did you make) the "You're the best" packaging??

Everything is super cute!

Catherine & Lindsay said...

Amy, I am so horrobly sorry your comment was missed for so long... I got the paper "you're the best" medallions at Michael's and they are self-sticking! Just used that in place of a bow. :o)

Catherine & Lindsay said...

*horribly, not horrobly. LOL