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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free Bunco Party Printables!

So Catherine's and my good friend Amanda over at Dixie Delights gave us the heads up on a fabulous deal for all our readers.... free Bunco party printables!  Dixie Delights, by the way, is a too-much blog that is one of my personal faves - and surely you recall that I define too much as too fabulous, or in other words, just perfect.  Anyway, the printables are absolutely adorable, and hey, did we mention they're free?  :o)  

The pink and black set includes party signs, 2" party circles for cupcake toppers and other party tags, water bottle wraps, score sheets (for filling in those scores right off the Buncolator screen, of course), a fill-in invitation and even some cute take-home favor tags.

The creator of the free printables blogs here.

She guest-blogged and created these cuties for another fabulous blog, found here.

And here is the link to the downloads themselves.

Happy downloading!!



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Dixie Delights said...

I'm blushing. Thank you gals. xoxo