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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Bunco Gathering - Time to Get Festive!

Although getting together for our favorite dice game is loads of fun year round, getting together at this special time of year is especially enjoyable.  Just getting together with friends, snacking on some delicious treats, and playing Bunco is enough - but why not add in a few festive touches to make December's gathering even more memorable?  Here are some ideas to add that special little somethin' to your holiday Bunco gathering!

*  Why not serve a timeless holiday beverage like eggnog or cider?  Yes, these are tried and true, but these consistent favorites will not let your Bunco players down!  These can be store-bought or homemade, and served with a little kick of alcohol or without.  Yum!  If you are feeling adventurous - and we know you are! - why not try making this version of egg nog, found on the Food Network site (it calls for Brandy):  Emeril's Old-fashioned Egg Nog.

Vintage linens make the holidays merry and bright!
*  Fun cocktail napkins?  Yes, please!  There are so many cute options out there, at a variety of price points.  Check out these luxe napkins - inexpensive, no, fabulous for a gift for your fave Bunco hostess, yes!  Bangle Neiman Marcus napkins.  Now for our more bargain-savvy Bunco players (and we include ourselves among you!), check out this cheeky option, shown below: Sassy Santa vintage napkins.  But our favorites of all are vintage linen cocktail napkins you have to hunt, peck, and find in glorious victory at local flea markets and antique stores.  Check out the beauties, right, that Lindsay snagged last year at Atlanta's monthly Scott Antique Market.

Sassy Santa cocktail napkins

*  Now you have to serve something really mouth-watering on those fabulous napkins... we love little bite-sized snacks so that the Bunco playing is never slowed down!  And what better to serve at your festive game night than holiday cookies?  Southern Living is a veritable treasure trove of wonderful recipes, and their holiday cookie recipes can't be beat!  For a fun mix, try their Almond Snowballs (hey, is that powdered sugar on the dice?), Salted-Caramel Pecan Bars (sweet AND salty.... mmmmm), and Blackberry Thumbprints (think Pepperidge Farm, only homemade).  Delicious.

*  Want to jazz up your buffet or game tables?  Easy!  For an elegant look, gather some beautiful greenery and other goodies from outdoors and place around your serving table alongside some white candles in silver candlesticks.  Timeless.  In our neck of the woods, we love Holly and Magnolia, but bare branches in an assortment of silver vases also make a stunning statement.  Bowls of cranberries are also a beautiful touch.  Looking for a different feel?  Check out - this website is chock-full of easy and fun decor.  One of our favorites for this season is their Retro Ornament Printable Set - this set is a colorful and adorable mix of everything you need. 

Plum Party's Retro Ornament Printable Kit

*  Lastly, why not get back to what this season is really about and make a group donation to a favorite charity?  In our Bunco group, we put in $15 apiece at each monthly gathering, and the pot is divided among an assortment of winning categories at night's end.  However, at last year's holiday gathering, we decided to forgo playing for money and instead donate our pot to the local food bank.  Other charities we always love to support are local homeless shelters, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and local pet shelters.  But the options are limitless for giving a financial gift to a group that really needs it! 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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