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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Candy Creations

Almost two weeks ago we threw a party for my daughter’s 1st birthday and our theme was a Sweet ONEderland. So candy was at the center of this party, I’m talking gum drops, lollipops and tootsies galore. I’ll give you the full scoop on this shindig from the cake to the invites next time I blog, but thought I’d share how we crafted some of the decorations in this post. My mother-in-law is very creative and came up with two very clever ideas I absolutely adored… her first idea was to craft candies in a wrapper using disposable bowls, a little white tissue and pretty cellophane paper, and her second fabulous idea was to create little lollipops with Styrofoam balls, dowels and colored tissue paper. These came out so cute and were so easy to make I just had to share with our readers.

How to create candies in a wrapper
Take a disposable bowl and wrap white, gift-wrapping tissue paper around it, stuffing the excess inside the bowl. Then cut off a piece of cellophane and fold it across the bowl taping it where you stuffed the excess tissue paper. Once you have it secured, twist each end and tie it off with some pretty ribbon to fasten. Finally, cut the sides of your wrapper down as needed and viola - you have the perfect ‘candy in a wrapper’ decoration! I taped the back of these and placed them around my house before the birthday bash. They looked great on the corner of mirrors, on the back-splash in my kitchen, etc. and because they were so light it didn’t take a lot of tape to hold them up.

How to create little lollipops

My MIL had some Styrofoam balls which you can pick up in packs of two at Michaels or your local craft store and we also had some wooden sticks or dowels purchased at the craft store as well. After giving the dowels a coating of white paint we stuck them in the balls, wrapped each one with gift-wrapping tissue paper and tied them off with ribbon. I placed these in glass bowls and vases around the house which were full of gum drops. The picture you see here was after the fact and the gumdrops were long gone but you get the idea… these lollipops made for a very colorful candy display.
I also created these much bigger lollipops you see below from foam board.  At Binders, an art store here in Atlanta, I found this really awesome, decorative paper depicting jars of various candies. I used this, along with more cellophane, to decorate the lollipops I cut from the foam board with an exacto knife. These looked nice perched on the mantle above my cook top, but please don’t look too closely at these pictures or you’ll spy all the dust which has collected in my kitchen in these hard to reach places. Fortunately none of my guests were 7 feet tall so they couldn’t see that muck. ;)

Happy crafting!

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