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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I love Jess Kamm Photography!

Whenever I really love something I have to share that love here, and I LOVE Jess Kamm Photography! There are many great photographers in the Atlanta area, but one who stands out to me is Jess Kamm. She took some newborn shots of my daughter and each photo was perfection. Of course, I thought my little bundle looked like perfection 24/7, but capturing her all snugly and sleepy takes a lot of skill and even more patience.

It's no exaggeration when I say Jess has an eye for detail. Not even the smallest hair is out of place in her shots. And her niche is newborns and dogs... two of the hardest subjects to photograph if you ask me! I actually dubbed her the baby whisperer because she is such a natural with little ones. It was Jess who rocked my baby to sleep before positioning her for the shoot, not me! She just seemed to have the magic touch. And she gave me some tips before coming into her studio which proved to be crucial advice to follow. For example, Jess told me to keep my baby awake the entire morning before the shoot so she would be extra tired and sleep more soundly while working with her. This was hard, but I had my mother-in-law with me the morning of, to help... we must have looked hilarious dancing around, clapping our hands, making lots of noise trying to keep my daughter awake. At that age babies want to sleep constantly so this was a challenge, but I'm glad we did it because as soon as we got to Jess' studio she fell into a deep sleep. Jess also told me to pack several bottles so we had the option to put the baby into a 'milk coma' if need be. Once we got to her studio, she had the room all warm and toasty with a big space heater going plus a noise maker to drown out our whispers. While we sweated our arses off, my baby slept through the shoot, which lasted almost 4 hours. That's the other thing. I never felt rushed or like we were racing against the clock. Jess will only take on one client per day and she reassured me she would take all the time necessary to get the best shots, which she did! Needless to say, I could not believe her level of knowledge with babies considering she did not have any children of her own. Truly amazing!! Not only is Jess a natural behind the camera with an exceptional eye for the finest details, but a natural with babies for sure!

You can visit Jess' blog/site to view her great work! Seems she has more pictures on her blog so maybe go there first... it's easy to find once clicking the link above.

Click here to see her baby album. Again, you'll find more photos on her blog, but these are worth checking out too. :)

Click here to see her dog album.

How does she do it?? So cute!!

Oh and one more thing, I follow Jess on facebook and it looks as though she just got married... well, big congrats to her! From the looks of her photos she was a gorgeous bride, which doesn't surprise me! I cannot wait to see the pictures she makes of her own beautiful children one day!
Here's Jess with one of her pups, so cute!

If you're looking for some professional shots of your newborn or pups and you live in the Atlanta area, then I highly recommend Jess Kamm Photography!


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