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Friday, May 20, 2011

Calligraphy.... maybe a little fancy for our usual Bunco nights, but....

OK, OK, we admit.... we know you are not going to generally send out fancy invitations with calligraphy for your monthly Bunco nights (us neither!).  But we just can't help but love the swirls and intricacy of a hand-lettered envelope or place card for a special event.  It just gives paper goods that little extra oomph, you know?  And we believe that calligraphy should be utilized far more often than just for weddings.  Try it for your next wedding/baby shower, holiday soiree, or girls' only event - we know your guests will love it.  The tone such beautiful handwriting sets is memorable, and your invitees will know a truly special occasion awaits them.

A lover of all things paper-related, Lindsay had always wanted to try her hand - pun intended :o) - at calligraphy.  So she decided to research taking a class.  First things first, who knew about all the gorgeous styles out there?  Italics, Pointed Pen/Copperplate, contemporary... they are all just lovely, with their own personality.  Lindsay chose Pointed Pen/Copperplate for its traditional vibe and gorgeous swirls... plus, Lindsay wants to add some extra "flair" to her capital letters, once she has the basics down pat of course, and Copperplate lends itself nicely to extra flourishes.

For about the past month, Lindsay has been making a weekly trip over to the beautiful Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta for her class.  At the start of the course, Lindsay was delighted to find that the instructor, the uber-talented Mrs. Carol Gray, is her neighbor.  Carol's talent at calligraphy is unbelievable - she could take even words like "potato" or "garbage can" and make them glamorous.  The class itself has been just wonderful as well; Carol breaks the sessions into learning the strokes for related sets of letters, and she is a constant encouragement as her students practice their words and phrases.  She also shares the insider tips and tricks, such as must-have equipment like light boxes, special inks and paper, and nibs.  Always adding to the fun, the class has been full of personable and eager fellow students, creating a perfect environment for learning such a delicate and challenging art.  

If you are interested in taking a calligraphy course in the Atlanta area, you simply MUST check out Carol's class:

(Callanwolde also offers a host of other great classes - if you have an interest in art, music, writing, or dance, take the time to peruse their offerings). 

And if you have a special event for which you want to utilize calligraphy services, do yourself a favor and contact Carol.  Her talent, dedication, and kind demeanor make her a true professional.

Last, we would be remiss if we did not mention what a gorgeous site Callanwolde is - the mansion itself and the lush grounds are breathtaking.  Don't forget to consider it for your next special event!  (We are biased, we'll admit - Lindsay's wedding reception was there).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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