Rolling the Dice and Clinking the Ice

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Bunco Group Turns 2!

Normally our Bunco group meets every 2nd Monday of the month to roll the dice, but since the month of May marked our 2nd anniversary, we decided to celebrate with a weekend-evening Bunco Bash.  No game, just uninterrupted girl time... with lots of good food and drink of course.  And since the festivities took place on a Friday night, we could have that extra glass of Sangria guilt-free.  Well, almost guilt-free - Catherine and a few others got up the next morning to run a 5K so they couldn’t get too crazy, but needless to say we had a good time.  ;)
Everyone brought a dish or their favorite cocktail beverage, and we gathered on a friend’s porch and did what women do best - talked the night away.  We also chipped in our usual $15 but this time, instead of going to the prize pot, the money went to charity.  We decided to donate to the Alabama tornado victims.  Being that we live in Atlanta, this disaster hit close to home; we all wanted to do something to send aid to our neighbors just one state over. Caitlin Zygmont, one of our group's founders, acted as treasurer.  She collected the cash and turned it over to the American Red Cross on our behalf.  She also took the group picture you see above.  (Caitlin is a budding photographer and you can see more of her work on her blog:
In addition to our usual chatter, we did a round robin of introductions as in the past several months we have welcomed several new-comers.  It was really cool to look around at so many faces (new and old) and think about the friendships that have formed through this group. We’ve met so many wonderful women whom we would not have met if it weren’t for our game night gatherings… and that gives us much reason to celebrate. Because after all, Bunco is more about raking in new friends than it is about raking in the winnings.
Cheers to many more Bunco anniversaries!

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