Rolling the Dice and Clinking the Ice

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome Baby Forlines!

I’m pleased to announce that Lindsay had her baby! A perfectly healthy, beautiful, snuggly, cuddly, little boy who was born June 22nd at 6:13 PM. Lindsay’s trip to the hospital went smoothly and
mama, papa and baby are all settling in nicely! I couldn't be happier for the Forlines and hope this child will one day call me aunt Catherine even though I'm not a blood relative. It will probably be more like crazy aunt Catherine because I'll be smothering him in kisses... I just can't resist his cuteness.
Of course I wanted to share the good news, but also thought I’d share some pictures of the onesie bouquet I created for Lindsay’s hospital gift. These are incredibly easy to make. You’re not required to be a ‘creative-type’ in order to create your own. Before I decided to get crafty I found a company online that creates all sorts of goodies with onesies, even onesies that look like over sized lollipops, but their creations aren’t cheap. I figured I could make something equally as cute and I must say my bouquet wasn’t bad for a first attempt. Or at least Lindsay seemed to be impressed which is all I cared about! J

OK, below is what you’ll need before getting started.
A pack or two of onesies - try and get them in solid colors if you can. I picked up a pack of 4 and grabbed a single I thought was cute. Wash cloths, bibs or even pants will also work. I threw in some pants so Lindsay could pair the tops with the bottoms. All together I had 7 items to create buds from.

A few silk roses - I picked yellow and white flowers because I thought they would go well with the blue rose buds created from the cloth. I also purchased some greenery, I picked up ivy that was used as filler so there weren’t any gaps in my bouquet.

You’ll need a pair of wire cutters to clip the ends of the rose stems/greenery… trust me, your paper scissors won’t be able to get the job done. I foolishly fumbled with these for at least 5 minutes until realizing I needed another tool.

You’ll also need a foam ball which florists use in silk arrangements.

Some string to tie around the onesie once it’s all rolled up and in the shape of a bud. I didn’t have string but used some plastic grass from an old Easter basket.  
Floral Picks – these will be the stand for your onesie rose bud.

And of course, you’ll need a flowering pot. I bought a white one at Wal-Mart for $7, can’t beat that price.
Start by placing the foam ball in your pot. Place greenery all around the edge of the pot as shown here.

Lay out all of your onesies (remove tags first) and snap the bottoms. Then fold the sides in and begin rolling from one end to the other. Then tie your onesie roll with string.

Fold down the outer layer of the onesie bud to make it look as though it’s opening. Slide the floral pick through the center of the onesie roll and begin to place the buds within your arrangement. Once you have your onesies where you want them then place your silk roses within the arrangement.

And voila, you have your onesie bouquet!