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Monday, June 20, 2011

'Such Pretty Things' - such a pretty blog!!

Happy Monday dear readers!  Catherine and I hope you had a simply mahvelous weekend.  I was blessed to celebrate four good friends' birthdays this weekend, and as such, attended a birthday brunch for a near and dear girlfriend (and she's Catherine's little sis to boot), an afternoon birthday party
for my precious two-year-old friend in the bunch, and a birthday dinner for one of my other closest girlfriends and her husband (their birthdays fall on back-to-back days - all together now - awwww).  (And I must note that I attended all these parties at almost 41 weeks pregnant.  I think that qualifies me for the party trooper award).  :o)  You can understand why I have soirees on my mind  - even more so than usual!

This afternoon, my party-preoccupied brain has had me perusing the internet for photo inspirations for parties, especially summery and sweet birthday parties.  In my online wanderings, I came across a beautiful online shop and corresponding blog that I immediately decided was worthy of a post on our humble blog all its own. 

The name of this glorious shop and blog combo is Such Pretty Things.  The seller/author is Jessica Enig, who describes herself as a designer, wife, and mother. She has a self-professed love of all things vintage, floral, pastel, and pretty.  (I love her already!)  She counts interior design, styling, photography, party-planning, floral arranging, and baking among her interests.  (Jessica, I don't know where you live, but I am certain we'd be fast and furious friends).  

Jessica's blog is a treasure trove of beautiful images that provide countless party and tabletop ideas.  Check out some of these gems below.

Not only does Jessica's blog provide fab fodder for party ideas, she also includes step-by-step directions for certain projects, such as this adorable tank top.

It's all just too much, and when I say too much I generally mean "just too perfect."  :o)  

To top it off, Jessica also has an online shop, where she sells a variety of delightful goodies such as vintage craft supplies, party trinkets, pretty baking supplies, and other vintage finds. I simply have to have the following for future parties and showers:

Be sure to check her site out, ladies.  I'm a instant fan!



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Amy Braswell said...

"She has a self-professed love of all things vintage, floral, pastel, and pretty."

Sounds like me and Jessica would get along pretty well!