Rolling the Dice and Clinking the Ice

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I'm a furniture-aholic

Y'all, I have a confession.  And while I try to keep this little secret hidden, I probably don't do the best of jobs.  In fact, my confession is one that won't make my husband, family, or good friends bat an eye.  

To put it simply, I am addicted to shopping for furniture and other home items.  

Yes, it's true.  Nothing makes my heart beat faster than a a good home decor store or online site... whether I need anything new for our house!  In the past year, though, I have been able to scratch my decorating itch quite often as we were ramping up to move into a new home. This gave me the opportunity to scour dozens of local stores, flea markets, antique shows, and the internet, all in the name of the home decor hunt.   What can I say?  I am passionate about feathering my nest.  And a lovingly-decorated home often lends to a great entertaining venue, something all us Bunco- and party-lovers care (a little too much, perhaps?) about.  :o) There's something about us Southern women, too, that makes us hope that our homes are as welcoming to our family and friends as possible.  I know I always hope our guests will feel the whole "Y'all come back now, y'hear?" vibe.  

In my quest to properly and "Southernly" decorate our nest, I have come across a great many shops I love.  There is one shop just a few miles east of Atlanta that I have been itching to share with you.  It's called Roost, and it's chock full of gorgeous home accessories, vintage furniture, linens, greeting cards, soaps, candles, wedding gifts and more. Check out their website here, and their Facebook fan page here.  

That's the owner Marlon... ain't he a cutie?!

Owned and operated by the charming Marlon Heard, Roost has a soothing ambiance and unbeatable appeal.  Every time I walk in, the vignettes that Marlon has created with his latest finds and creations blow me away.  I want to recreate each and every one in my home!  If you read what Marlon has written on his website about the store, you will get a perfect idea of what he and his work are all about:

"As a small child, I remember finding pieces of furniture and dragging them into the      backyard - a spray can in hand, ready to put my artistic mark on the piece. I guess you could say it’s in my blood. I have an art background and I love furniture and décor. I’ve searched shops high and low every place I visit. Roost is a culmination of those experiences.
I also do simple upholstery work on some pieces. I enjoy creating new looks with fabrics and taking furnishings out of their original context and reinventing them in fresh, new ways. Reusing and repurposing pieces is a cornerstone of my business.

The look of my store is eclectic. I choose pieces for Roost the way I choose furniture for my home. I like to mix styles, finishes and periods for a collected look. You might find a Danish modern coffee table beside a primitive trunk. It has been my goal to create a warm, inviting space that welcomes people.
I continue to dream and I create each day. 
I am a happy, fortunate man."

Inspiring, isn't it?  :o)

I also want to share some pieces I've purchased at Roost that have found a home with my family and me.  I just love all of them!

This topiary and urn plus its twin currently live on our living room mantle.
I had them somewhere else, and Marlon himself placed them here for me.  :o)

This is the rocker in my son's nursery.  My grandmother Nanny got it for us as a gift.  

These lanterns made their home on our rear terrace.  I love putting candles in them.

This gorgeous buffet actually made its way to our master suite.

This little white pillow just had to join the others on a bed in one of our guest rooms. 

This little silver dish with cloche top was too lovely to resist.  Ignore my reflection - haha!

This salvaged-wood picture frame was actually a flea market find, but Marlon painted it and some other items for my nursery.  More on those "other items" in a future blog.  Maybe by then I will have some photos or prints in those empty spots...

This gold desk was just what an upstairs landing ordered.

This gorgeous chest of drawers lives in another guest bedroom, one
often frequented by my mother-in-law.

I bought these dried grasses from Roost - I love the stripes!

The antique-finish mirror in wood frame just had to come live in between
some vintage kitchen prints in our keeping room. 

This lovely little oil painting wanted to come sit for a spell on our family room sideboard.

There's the little painting again, alongside an
arrangement made by Marlon in the yellow vase.

This tall black hutch was just the thing for a corner in my family room -
and the turquoise vase came from Roost as well.

One of two leather armchairs I fell in love with at first sight.
They followed me home and now live in front of our family room fireplace. 

Here's the other one.  

Here are the two armchairs again, with a view of a leather ottoman/coffee table
Marlon found with me in mind.  Thanks Marlon!

These woven urns perch on our back terrace. 

And that's all folks!  Now hurry up and fly on over to Roost - a little birdie has officially told you.  




callie burnette said...

i am officially drooling! and MUST make my way to roost. such fab finds, lindsay!!! you have quite the eye!! :)

Dixie Delights said...

Ok...must head there stat! Thanks for sharing this lovely shoppe. And your gorgeous home!

Catherine & Lindsay said...

Thanks ladies!!