Rolling the Dice and Clinking the Ice

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



If you sense my excitement, then just take the level of excitement that you are imagining and multiply it ("times it," as we said in middle school) at least by ten.  Seriously, I could only be more excited if, for example, Dolly Parton
had just rung me up to go grab an iced skinny latte and share some good ol' girl talk.

I have just discovered PINTEREST!  

For those of you who have not discovered this online mecca of all that is fabulous, walk, skip, run, crawl - however you have to get there - to your computer and go here.  Are you ready?  I can't even begin to tell you how many wonderful ideas for parties, household chores, recipes, fashion, gifts, and more that you will find on this site.  

Pinterest is what all of us who have been right-clicking images and saving them to our computers all this time have been waiting for - a place to store all our online finds and inspirations, quickly, easily, and in one place.  And not only can you now have all your virtual goodies in one place, you can categorize them, either by pin or by board.  And not only that - like there needed to be more - you can "explore" other friends' (and just random fabulous people's) pins and boards too!  I cannot overstate how addicting this site is.  Here are just a random sampling of my favorite finds so far this week.

Isn't it amazing?!

Now if you join - and if you don't, shame on you for all you are missing! - you simply must "follow" me so that I can share all my online finds and ideas with you.  You can find my pinterest page here.  

So don't waste another minute (and trust me, you'll need those minutes to peruse this site) and hop on over to now.  

Happy Pinning!



P.S. Catherine and I are still actively battling it out with Apple to get our technical glitch repaired so that Buncolator will be back "live" in the iTunes store ASAP.  If you have any friends who have tried to purchase the app and have been unable, please tell them to try back again in the next few days.  We again apologize for this inconvenience!

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