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Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter, Peeps!

I started brainstorming about creative Easter ideas for this week's blog post and as I was perusing the world wide web I came across a blog called Neatorama. If you have never heard of this blog you should definitely check it out, it's an entertaining read. One of their posts featured dioramas made with Peeps which is what caught my eye. For those of you who don't know, Peeps are the sugar-coated, marshmallow candies retailers sell around the Easter holiday. As a kid, I thought they tasted spectacular... now, not so much. Anyway, Neatorama's post I'm referring to is called 13 Hilarious Peep Candy Easter Dioramas. It's definitely worth taking a look, the creator (or creators) of these scenes are so imaginative. They're creativity is really impressive and they're really humorous as well. The most hysterical of these settings is the first one you'll see... the 'peep' show. I've included a picture of it below.

Needless to say those 'pole sliding' peeps as well as the 'peeping' patrons have some repenting to do. They have certainly been lead astray and need to find their way back to a good and wholesome Easter basket! Hardy har har. ;) Anyway, this blog post inspired me to do a diorama of my own, only mine isn't quite as risque. I decided to go with a beach scene since summertime is right around the corner and I have vacation on the brain. Check out some of my pictures below and let me know what you think!! And I must say this was so much fun... it took me back to 2nd grade where I created a diorama for a science project. :)

Here's how I made it:

  • The water is Jello.
  • Sand is sugar.
  • Beach towels are Fruit Roll-Ups.
  • Beach ball is a Lindor truffle.
  • Radio constructed with Fruit Roll-Ups and a toothpick, Skittles for speakers.
  • Barbell is a toothpick and two Cadbury Eggs.
  • Swarming sharks are Bunny Peeps ears. (notice the chick has been attacked!)

And the rest is probably self explanatory. :)

My attempt was no where near as detailed as the sugary masterpieces I mention above, but not bad for a first try. Plus I had a 15 month old to distract me!

By the way, Lindsay had all her friends and their kids over last Sunday for an Easter egg hunt and it was one of the best I've ever been to! She thought of everything, even had baskets for all the kids. I'm hoping she'll blog on that shindig next week!

We wish those of you who celebrate a very Happy Easter!!


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Jennifer said...

Nice work, Cat! :)