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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Parties in Two Days - Part Two

And now.... on to the Egg Hunt!!  (To get up to speed, be sure to check out Two Parties in Two Days - Part One.  :o)

There are the balloons from the foyer the night before, tied along our back fence.

Nothing really that Eastery here, but I changed the furniture in front of our living
room mantle around and like it so much better!  :o)

Vintage Easter postcards tucked among some moss-covered sticks and my usual family room mantle residents.

A dessert station in the breakfast nook....
And a dessert station on our kitchen bar... Peeps on delicious cupcakes, what could be easier?

Yes, those are Adam's Apples' chocolate-covered apple slices!  Yum!  These have bacon bits in them.  Delicious!!!
Aren't these mini-forks perfect for stabbing little goodies?! Kroger!

The main buffet... notice the same centerpiece from the night before. 
Just different table linens and some Easter goodies changed the scene.

Another champagne bar!  Mimosas were the main attraction.

How perfect for Easter and Spring, no?  Thanks Lilly!

Our outdoor bar (a vintage stainless steel hospital cart) made a great spot for some candies on our back terrace...


I used some etageres I have on our back terrace for extra serving spots. 
This one held some decor items and more (what else?) candy!!

Another etagere by our back door leading to the kitchen.  This held sparkling water and other non-alcoholic beverages.

What can I say?  I love a monogram...

Hope it was a great holiday, y'all!




Sarah said...

It was a great party Linds, thanks for inviting us! Your home is incredible and it looks so good in these photos. I was hoping for some kiddo photos too, but I guess they don't fit the Bunco blog theme. :) Will you share any pictures of Anna with me somewhere else?

Dixie Delights said...

The party and your house look FABULOUS!!! Wish we had been in town for the soiree!