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Friday, May 4, 2012

iPods From Cohen - A Mother's Cause to Help Others Who Have Children Born with Congenital Heart Defects.

This week we want to raise awareness around a charitable cause. It's a cause near and dear to a really wonderful mother/blogger, Megan, who has suffered the greatest loss a parent could endure, the loss of a child. In Megan's blog, In This Wonderful Life, she talks about her precious, little boy, Cohen, who was born into this world with Congenital Heart Defects. Although he only lived in this world for 12 short days, it's apparent that his faithful mother (and father too) believes he lives on with Jesus. I understand that not everyone shares in the same spiritual beliefs, and I have nothing but respect for people of every faith out there, but as a Christian, Megan's story touches me deeply. I would like to think that if I were in her shoes I would find comfort and healing in this belief too.

Shortly after the loss of her first baby, Megan and her husband were blessed with another pregnancy. This time around she was carrying twins! She gave birth to a boy and a girl and they're both healthy and beautiful. She has pictures of them up on her blog and they, like precious Cohen, are absolutely adorable. I can't sum up her truly heart-breaking yet inspirational story about love and hope in just a few paragraphs. You'll have to go to her blog and read up for yourself, but I can tell you a little about a wonderful charity she has put together to help other parents who have children struggling with similar birth defects. She has so aptly named her cause iPods From Cohen and her goal is to raise enough money to purchase 18 iPods to donate to Children's Medical Cardiac Intense Care Unit which would allow for each room to have one device. This way, families who would otherwise not have access to a camera, video camera, internet access, email, music, games for older siblings, etc., will have everything they need on that one iPod.

You can read more about iPods From Cohen in Megan's own words here. And if you're wondering how you can make a contribution, then visit her Shop for iPods From Cohen page where you'll find 7 different sponsors who are donating either all or a portion of their proceeds to iPods From Cohen. And yes, Buncolator is a proud sponsor. We will be handing over 100% of the profits we make on all apps sold during the month of May. Lindsay and I both were so touched by Megan's story and felt compelled to help in some way. So please help this cause by purchasing our app or making a purchase from one of the other sponsors! We want to see Megan raise as much as she can this month. She has some really great sponsors behind her efforts as well! They offer anything from home d├ęcor, jewelry, make-up, bags and totes to monogrammed items oh and candles too!

I borrowed this picture from Megan's blog. It's of her holding Cohen, a moment I know she and her husband will always cherish.

And I believe there is a link for making a straight-up donation if you prefer to go that route as opposed to shopping for the cause. I hope to update this post with that over the weekend if I'm able to get it from Megan. Stay tuned and thanks in advance for your support!


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