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Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Kings Lane

Well, well.  Where to begin about One Kings Lane..... my close girlfriends can tell you that this post is way, WAY overdue.  But better late than never right?  And I always have so many ideas bumping around in my head that it's hard to keep track.... like bunnies hopping all over the place.... I stole that little catchphrase from my family friend and author Mary Kay Andrews.  If you don't read her books you have to start.  They are too much fun - Southern, funny, sweet, and always with a little romance and a fun backdrop thrown in too.  The perfect summer reading, in other words.  Her new book Spring Fever comes out June 5th.... a fun tidbit and some shameless name-dropping and cross-promotion too.  ;o)  But I digress.

As I said, today's post is about One Kings Lane.  Y'all, you've been hiding your head under a little ol' rock if you haven't caught wind of this fab, fab website.  For those of you who haven't had the chance to check it out, OKL (as those in the know call it, hahaha - or those like me who pretend to be in the know) is a home decor flash sale site.  What is that, you ask?  A flash sale site is a site that features time-limited sales of items at deep discounts.  On OKL, these items are always high-end home decor items and other high-end accessories.  You can find everything from fabulous dishes to super-soft towels to sofas, tables and chairs.  Vases, toys, vintage books, pillows, luxury ribbons and fabrics, crystal, silver..... I could go on and on.  Oh, and most things are new, but vintage items are gaining speed on the site.  In fact, just yesterday, I bought a vintage Coca-cola cooler, very similar to the one below.  How cool and oh-so-perfect-for-an-Atlantan gal is that?

In terms of what brands.... I must admit that, once again, I wouldn't even know where to start!  I can tell you from my own personal experience that I have purchased everything from Safavieh furniture (a brand you can find in stores like Neiman Marcus) to Jonathan Adler home goodies (his brand describes itself as happy chic, how cute is that?) to Diane von Furstenberg fashion accessories (gotta love some DvF, y'all) to Crane stationery (pinkies up, ladies).  Pretty wild, huh?  And on a completely off-topic side note, a factoid for all my fellow 1980s children to ponder.... when I went to Google to type in 'Jonathan Adler,' the search engine box auto-filled in Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  I had such a crush on him in his Home Improvement/Simba's voice in The Lion King days!  Too funny, no?  I don't understand how Google's all-knowing search machine works, but somehow, someway, the Google/Wizard of Oz out there thought I might be looking for JTT.  Love it.

As for the nitty-gritty details on using OKL, it's this simple.  You take your happy little cyber self to the One Kings Lane's site and sign up for the emails.  They will notify you approximately twice a day when the flash sales start.  Currently, I believe there are two daily, at 11 am EST and 9 pm EST.  And let me tell you, you better get on there when the gettin' is good or you'll miss out.  I myself have the OKL app and my trusty iPhone (cased in a monogrammed cover from OKL, naturally) sends me those "push" notifications its so fond of that tells me I better get my behind on over to the computer if I want to do any OKL shopping that day.  Each day features approximately 6 to 8 flash sales, and each item's arrival time varies depending on the manufacturer or vendor.  The expected arrival date will be listed on the item's information, so be sure to check that it if you need something quickly.  They will notify you if something is going to be late or, in the very rare instance, is no longer available.  Their customer service is great about giving OKL credits in the event of inconveniences.

Here are just a few fabulous OKL items that are either currently out there or have been out there in the past.

I missed out on this vintage book.  It sold out quickly.

Antique fabric-covered French basket from one of the vintage "tastemakers" they feature

This is my iPhone cover.

I am currently waiting on these beauties to arrive.  They are full-size hurricanes!  Pretty, aren't they?

I have 4 of these Safavieh occasional chairs.  I use them as dining chairs.  I love the fabric but I had the back panel reupholstered in a modern floral pattern for a pop of color and fun.

I have a rug very similar to this from OKL, but in coral.

This is a Matt Camron Egyptian wool rug.  One almost identical sits below our dining room table from OKL.

I have 2 of these little guys in silver.  Fun for dressing up a buffet spread or the mantle.

I don't have this but think it's too cute and cheerful.  Good message to wake up to!

Love this pendant!  I have several lamps and light fixtures from OKL.

This fun container sits on my kitchen counter....

... and this fun vase lives in the living room.

Anyway, y'all have absolutely got to check out OKL and sign-up for the daily deal emails.  You will find some great items at reasonable prices.  Gotta love that!

Happy shopping!




callie burnette said...

OKL (as i just started calling it!) is the BEST! i love love love it too. and what great finds, lindsay!! those hurricanes are so fab.

Dixie Delights said...

I adore OKL as well. Those chairs of yours are to die for. xo