Rolling the Dice and Clinking the Ice

Friday, February 3, 2012

You’re invited, now have some cake!

As promised, this post is a follow up to my daughter’s birthday party in which I’d like to give kudos to a few others, besides my MIL, who really made the day special. First, I’d like to give a nod to Callie Burnette, creator of Calliespondence, who was the mastermind behind the invitations. This girl is a whiz-bang with pretty paper. Her stationary creations are simply amazing! All I had to do was give her the theme and she provided me with some adorable options to choose from, but below is what we ended up going with and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Callie also provided me with some coordinating cards which I used when writing all my thank you notes to those who gave a gift!

Callie uses only high quality cardstock for all her orders. And the designs she whips together are fabulous… sometimes I wish I could find her envelope lining in the form of wallpaper. Her creations are too pretty to just open and then throw away. Lindsay blogged on her not too long ago so you know she is a HUGE fan of Calliespondence too. If you missed that post check it out here.

To look up Callie, go to her website which also links to her blog where you can read up on some of her latest work.

Now for the sweet stuff, sweet as in sugar… I’m talking about the birthday cake! For this, I put Lindsay’s aunt, Bobbie Dickerson, to the task. This woman can do anything with fondant and I do mean anything. If asked, with just a few ingredients from the baking aisle, she could recreate Michelangelo’s statue of David and you would be calling it a Mmmmmmasterpiece! OK, that was a bit cheesy but seriously, her cakes are not only beautiful but they are mmmm delicious. I asked for a strawberry flavored cake with a buttercream icing and she delivered one of the best cakes my mouth has ever tasted and my eyes have ever seen! And because this was my daughter’s birthday, I wanted something that looked playful and whimsical so we went with a 3 tiered, topsy-turvy creation. She added jelly beans for borders, a big pink ribbon, gum drops and lollipops sprung from the cake to give it some added flare. Oh, and the smash cake was a huge gumdrop! Ha, so funny… needless to say our little birthday girl had a big time stuffing her face.

If you want Bobbie to create a cake for you then contact her through her blog.

And check out this blog post by Lindsay for more on her aunt Bobbie’s fabulous cakes!

Below are a few more pictures from the party I thought I’d throw in just for fun...

 Yes, that's a face painting, balloon creating princess!

This candy station was our party favor to the guests. Dum dum anyone?

And lastly we featured a jelly bean counting contest. The winner was only 6 months old... I think he had a little help from his dad. ;)

Big thank you to Callie and Bobbie for all their help! I could not have pulled that day off without you two!


callie burnette said...

aw, you are so sweet!!!! i was, of course, SO honored to help you with your adorable daughter's 1st birthday. you threw a fabulous party!!!! and that cake is totally TDF...xoxo

Bobbie said...

It was a pleasure to bake for you and that was a fun cake to make! So glad you enjoyed it. What a great party theme! Callie, of course, always comes up with the perfect design for an invitation or announcement.

Catherine & Lindsay said...

You two are the best, a must have for any party!

Nikolov Goran said...

Yes for sure you guy`s are a must for party like this above. When doing on my own way i like to do this way... :D