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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Cakes for Any Occasion

There is simply nothing like a custom-made cake to put that final touch on a special celebration.  And in this day and age of TV shows like Cake Wars and Cake Boss, not to mention the oodles of designs to be found on the internet, the inspirations out there are endless.  

But... who to actually execute such a divine design?  If you live in the greater Atlanta/south of Atlanta area, I have the answer for you.  It's my own fabulous Aunt Bobbie!  After retiring from a career as a virologist - yes, she is one of the lucky left- and right-brained people out there - Bobbie started what began as a little hobby but quickly became something, shall we say, a little more involved.  Actually, her grand debut into the world of cakes and other such goodies was my own wedding.  I had a vision for red velvet cupcakes with the palest green icing imaginable (my husband and I were married in early January, which is still holiday season, says moi), with each cupcake having its own large gumpaste rose perched on top.  Great idea, right?  Not so much when trying to accommodate this idea for approx. 350 guests (and folks will eat more than one cupcake, let me tell you) and also trying not spend our whole budget on cupcakes.  So my aunt said to me, "you know, I think I can do this... want me to try?" - a crazy yet kind Samaritan, no? - and I of course jumped on her offer.  Well, I think the results speak for themselves. 

Unbelievable, if I do say so myself!  Bobbie also designed the towers and the toppers, by the way.  And the best part is that not only were they beautiful, they were delicious too.  The red velvet had tiny little chocolate chips mixed in - heaven. 

Bobbie also created a cutting cake for us, so that we could still partake in the tradition of cutting the cake and also so that I could have a place to display the vintage cake topper I found on ebay that I just had to have.

Since our wedding, Bobbie has continued to study the art of baking, taking classes and practicing til I dare say she can compete with anyone out there.  Here is a small sample of her work.

And just to tease you, Bobbie did create a cake for our Bunco group's 2nd anniversary.  I will be sharing that one on another day.  :o)

Bobbie has just started keeping a blog, so please check it out for more of her portfolio, and to trigger your own ideas and inspirations!  And if you live 'round these parts, email her and see what fantastic designs y'all can cook up together.  

Happy caking, y'all!


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