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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bunco Go Bragh

Hi ladies! I hope you all have big weekend plans in store.... as for me, I'm gearing up to co-host a coed baby shower for some special friends this Saturday night. I promise to take lots of pictures to share! It's at my good friend Staci's house (she's the wife of one of my husband's fraternity brothers and a fellow Bunco-er to boot) and she's got some great ideas cooked up. We have a nautical theme going (to celebrate the baby BOY), and we hope our guests will enjoy.

But first, I'm in the mood for a little St. Patrick's Day pre-planning.... shall we? :o)

That wreath is too cute... what a clever use of green Christmas balls and vintage elves!

What a fun way to say Happy St. Patty's to a special someone...

I don't know what those green things are on top of this classic pie, but what a neat picture.  I love the taglines: "What to do When the Plumber can't Come" and "7 Laundry Miracles for your
Next Washday."  That's some good reading, I bet. ;o)

I have a zillion old corks in a big ol' basket I need to do something creative with.... this is cute.

Can't go wrong with kitten heels!  And I love a D'Orsay cutout, don't y'all?

This is related, I swear!  This is Walt Disney (on the right for you blasphemers who can't recognize him....Walt Disney Presents, I miss you) interviewing The King of the Leprechauns from Darby O'Gill and the Little People.  Ahhhh, nostalgia.

Lest we forget there is a Saint behind this fun celebration!

Cute stuff... love the shamrock and the burlap ribbon.

What a pretty green bouquet.  Maybe a sassy big leprechaun named Wes will bring me one of these, hint hint honey.  (Yeah right ladies, who am I kidding?  Like he reads our little ol' party blog).

Going somewhere special?  There are some precious green cocktail dresses out there right now.

Try as I might, I couldn't find the recipe for this gorgeous chartreause drink. 
But isn't that garnish fabulous?

When Wes Jr. is old enough, we are definitely going to make these for his little buddies! 
How easy and sweet!

A cute St. Patty's party favor idea....

Another cute idea (for kiddies who are old enough to chew, that is).  Maybe next year.  :o)

I love incorporating the rainbow in this cake.  Too pretty!  Love the silver stand as well.

Creative and featuring burlap... what's not to like?

Have a great weekend everyone!



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