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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Foodies Love Food Trucks!

It seems like Food Trucks are all the rage these days. Foodies flock to them not for your usual hamburger and fries, but for a more cultural cuisine. You’re more likely to find a gourmet twist on tacos or an Asian fusion type of menu on one of these trucks rather than some boring hotdog. These chefs on wheels have put a whole new spin on the idea of street food and the masses are really taking to it. There is even a show dedicated to the concept on the Food Network called The Great Food Truck Race. My husband and I watch this from time to time. The good news is you can find a food truck in almost every major city. Atlanta finally came around to the idea too, opening a huge park on the westside of town. I haven’t been there yet, but I hear it’s really fun, attracting tons of trucks which offer a wide variety of food. This park in particular even hosts small concerts on the weekends. You can check out their site here.

Just recently though I heard of a much smaller food truck event coming to Chamblee, GA which is in my back yard so a couple Fridays ago I decided to check it out. To my surprise this event had drawn a good sized crowd considering this was its second time in operation. There were 5 trucks on site and about 60 patrons there to eat. The trucks were all parked so that they formed a horseshoe shape and in the center they had a covered area with picnic tables. They even had some music playing in the background. I read over each truck’s menu before making my selection and can say that prices were really reasonable all around. I noticed most trucks accepted credit cards too. Their location is easy to find and offers plenty of free parking. Overall, I’d say this event adds a lot to our neighborhood and I was glad to see such a great turnout. I’m definitely planning to go back again! 

Below are more details if you’re interested in going yourself.

Chamblee Food Truck Event
5520 Peachtree Blvd
Chamblee, GA

Open every Friday from 11 AM – 2 PM through November 2012

I learned about this event through a Brookhaven Patch article, you can read that here.

On the day I went these were the 5 trucks on the scene. Keep in mind though that they may change this up week to week. Links are included for those trucks that have a website.
Yoli’s Street Food (Latin)

Fish ‘N’ Chips (Irish)

Flip One (Filipino)

Oh and the King of Pops guy was there too. :)
Here are some pictures from that day...
Yoli's is the truck I ended up ordering from,
but it was a tough decision to make... they all looked so good!

This sweet lady took my order at Yoli's window.
They were fast, friendly and the food was great!
This was the chicken sandwich I ordered, it was really yummy.
It came with a cookie too, but my daughter ate that before I could snap a photo.
The Healthy Nut Truck

Healthy Nut menu
Fish 'N' Chips Truck

Flip One Truck
The entire side of this truck was chalkboard.

Southern Komfort Food Truck
Covered seating area.
And that's it... hope those of you living in the Atlanta area have a chance to go!

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