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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween dear readers!

Hope you've had a wonderful day, tricking and treating, dressing up, eating candy, having fun with little ones, or whatever else Halloween might mean to you. 

For today's post, I wanted to share some of what Halloween meant around these parts, in terms of decor that is.  ;-)

A look at our front door... some squashes, gourds, and pumpkins (in vintage iron baskets from happy place Scott's Antique Market) alongside some ceramic jack o'lanterns from Kroger and an autumnal berry wreath from Target a few years back and I'm good to go!


Here's a look into our foyer...
On my entrance table (another find from Scott's, naturally), sits a pottery pumpkin from my family that my mom always put out.  I love him for that reason plus his top hat.  To give him some company, I put him on a silver tray alongside some silver dishes full of real acorns and faux berries.
The below wreaths hang on our double doors that go from our foyer to rear terrace.  I got these from my cyber-happy place, One King's Lane.  Y'all know (from this post last May) how I adore/am addicted to/no really, ask my husband, OKL.

A view from our foyer into our dining room, where some Halloween pretties also currently reside...


I prop a diagram of skeleton in front of our regulars on the mantle, just for fun...

This sideboard, below, also got a few seasonal items to dress it up.  Mini pumpkins and dried okra pods in silver bowls were just the thing, or at least I thought so.  And that's the only opinion that matters around my parts, can I get an amen ladies?  :-)

A mirrored side table under the stairs usually props up that trellised OKL vase you see (with faux fig branches from The Paris Market in Savannah), but I added the also OKL tray with some pumpkins and gourds.  (Are you starting to see evidence, if not already, of the OKL addiction?  I'm like an alcoholic tallying up the drinks of the day... a bloody at breakfast, a 4-martini lunch, wine at dinner... seriously, my hubby thinks I should be some kind of VIP at OKL).
Some mini-pumpkins sit in a tiered, Frenchy-basket (Frenchy is a word, right?) from Heery's Too in Athens (there were more of the orange ones in the top tier, but I raided that this morning for (sugar-free, gluten-free, pesticide-free, etc.) Halloween gifts for my son's little pals at his mother's-morning-out program).

Below is a pic of our fireplace.  Beside the traces of several fires we've already had this season in our fireplace, you'll see some of my favorite Halloween possessions perched on the mantle.  They are vintage-inspired figurines and buckets, each and every one wearing a huge grin.  Myself, I prefer the side of Halloween that's whimsical and creative, not gory and so scary... 

The green guy you see below is another priceless item to me because of its place in my family's history.  My mom hung him up every Halloween, on the same door in the living room, as far back as I can remember.  I just love him.  
If you look closely in the next pic, you'll see a strand of mini-skeletons that grace two windows in our family room.

Here's our bar, in the back of our family room, with a little Halloween finesse added to it.  I added some pennants, a "Boo" sign, and a vintage paper skeleton.

Crystal Head vodka... try it sometime.  Very, very smooth.  Odd back story though... Dan Ackroyd is somehow connected to it and a package store owner on St. Simon's Island told me that Dan believes aliens have to do with how smooth it is.  I'm not explaining well, but really, when aliens are part of the story, is there explaining well?  Methinks ol' Dan, love him as I do from SNL, The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters (even more so from Ghostbusters II), might be sipping a little too much of this stuff.... Anyway, this bottle fit in coincidentally with the theme.  Dontcha love it when that happens?  The cocktail stirrers in the following picture - with the skull and crossbones on them - also were a happy accident.  They usually sit on the bar in a silver julep cup, mixed in with some vintage silver sweet tea spoons.  The stirrers are also from The Paris Market in Savannah.

On our antique English sideboard I inherited from my mom, I added in a ceramic skull and a few ravens (I say ravens and not crows because that sounds fancier.  So there).

Some flowers that I thought had an autumn vibe from my beloved Your DeKalb Farmer's Market (yes, the "your" is really in there - don't you think it personalizes it so well?  Like the farmers picked those peaches and brussel sprouts just for you).

On our upstairs landing, a trio of glittery pumpkins sit on the coffee table. 

Last but not least, the below photo shows two batches of some Tito's vodka that I instilled with candy corn.  (As an aside, Tito's is my new favorite vodka, even over Ketel and Grey Goose, I swear.  It's wonderfully mild and made in the great state of Texas.  And I promise this wasn't intended to be a vodka post...) Infusing vodka with candy sounds hard, but so easy in reality.  You literally just drop about 30 candy corn kernels with a handle and let sit for at least 12 hours or so (I did 24 hours to be safe).  The vodka turns this lovely orange color and obtains a sweet smell (and taste).  All you have to do after the kernels dissolve is filter out the sugar sediments and voila!  You have infused your own vodka. 
Alongside some majorly cute moments with Junior dressed as Yoda, several hundred trick or treaters (you read that right), and some dressing up my husband and I did over the weekend - and some dressing up I did at the law firm yesterday - subjects for another post
:-) - that was Halloween at our house. 
Hope your day was just as wonderful.  See you back soon!

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