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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Delights

In keeping with Catherine's post from last week about her favorite Fall things to do in the greater Atlanta area, I thought this week I would share some images I've been hoarding that are giving me oodles of inspiration this season as I start to decorate our home.  It doesn't hinder me in the least that we won't be getting cool weather for a few (to maybe even several) weeks, thanks to our mild Georgia weather.  I mean, I guess colorful leaves would be more fitting if I needed a sweater, but hey! you go with what you got.  ;o)

Most of these images are also featured on the "holiday decor" board of my Pinterest page, so if you want to follow me there, please do!  You can find me here.

I swear, what can you not use Annie Sloan chalk paint on???  I love this stuff.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, it's the easiest and prettiest paint out there.  You don't even have to sand or prime before you paint furniture.

Burlap is always on my list of fabrics to use, but it seems especially fitting for fall.  Love this handmade burlap pumpkin.  The creator said she literally just gathered up the corners til she was semi-happy with the shape and taped up the ends and then wrapped the tape with twine.  Voila.

OK, I am not hosting a Halloween party with a costume contest, but if I were, these would so be the awards.  These are dollar-store skeletons glued to craft-store wooden circles, and then the whole shebang is spray painted with your metallic paint of choice.  Style the little guys to fit your subject, a la "Scariest Costume" and "Best Couple," above.


Love this, especially the lettering and the galvanized steel tub.

The dollar store wins again!  This is a dollar-store skeleton styled into a wreath.  How awesome is that??

I am obsessed with urns.  Just ask my husband... urns, baskets, trays, and mirrors.

I love the difference a shiny black coat of paint makes!  Cute little guy!

Tom Hanks from Castaway and Wilson.  This is hysterical to me!!  Whoever these folks are, I want to be their friends.  I mean, how clever is that?  And the wife/girlfriend/special pal (you never know their arrangement) gets to eat all the Halloween candy she wants without worrying about her stomach pooching out.  If my hubs and I weren't going to be Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (yes, I am wearing a white beehive wig and corset and I am so stoked), then I totally would have been pushing for this.

A pretty - and fragrant - stove-top blend.

Where isn't chevron right now?

Love this, and the shades they chose.  I like that the orange and yellow are subdued.

I think these in glass apothecary jars would be so beautiful on a Halloween buffet.

This is done with "looking glass" paint!!  I will be looking for this in the craft store.

So creative!  Love the different sizes, and that cucumber tail.

There is always power in numbers.  Simple and beautiful.

The power of numbers, mixed with the unbeatable power of silver.  Love it.

Make that green ribbon a dusty orange one and this is on my door for all of Fall.

I love the cross, but I would take it off to make this moss wreath even more simple.

Gorgeous palette, gorgeous tray.

This was done by using a coffee can as a vase, and tying same-size twigs around it.  I am sure gluing them in place first would be helpful.

I saw something similar to this at Target last week, but I like this home-made one better.  All you need is an urn, some crows, some moss, and a large stick with some character to it that you can spray paint black.  Done.

What is it about tiny pumpkins and gourds I love so much???

This is me, if I were a Halloween/Fall tablescape.  I love the farmhouse vibe, the tiered galvanized-steel stand, the mix of textures, and the fun vintage black cat bucket.  And I love the yellow of those small pumpkins.

Just beautiful.  I really want a vintage wheelbarrow to decorate for the seasons.   Love the script on the pumpkins as well.

Simple and sweet.

Pretty urn displays.

How fun is that?!!?  When our son and any siblings that come along are older, I am definitely decorating our yard one year as a haunted carnival.  I mean, how much did we all love the Zoltar machine from Big??

That's it for now, everyone.  Hope your fall decorating and scheming goes smoothly!
Have a great week!

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