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Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Baby!!

Today will mark two firsts for the Buncolator blog... one, Catherine and I have decided to stop writing in the royal "we" - although blimey, it's been fun :o) - and write our posts as individuals.  That way, our readers (that would be you!) can get to know each of us.  

Secondly, this will be the first post in a series of posts on baby showers.  
(Don't worry, they won't be all we talk about for weeks on end - we promise)!  Catherine and I have both been blessed to have some gorgeous soirees thrown for us and our wee ones, and we just have to share some ideas with you!  And (if we do say so ourselves) we've also hosted some great showers ourselves.  Since Bunco is essentially about getting friends together and having a good time, we figure that entertaining in all its forms is fair game for our online musings.  We just hope you get some inspiration for all your parties right lil ol' here

Today's featured party is one that we threw for one of our closest friends, Lauren.  This shower was a light luncheon to celebrate sweet Lauren and her then-eagerly-anticipated arrival, a baby girl.  Catherine and I, along with several other of our nearest and dearest girlfriends, had a ball throwing a feminine bash that we felt was fit for a princess.  

Here was the invite, which can be customized and purchased at

Since the shindig was at my house, the other hostesses graciously let me take a bit of the lead on the decor.  The guiding elements of my design for the buffet table were two things: silver baby cups and rattles hanging from pink satin ribbon from the chandelier, and a miniature vintage baby carriage filled with and surrounded by little silver balls on a silver platter as the centerpiece.  A length of pink satiny fabric served as a table runner, gathered on either end with some pink lace ribbon.  White flowers (baby's breath and carnations) in white urns with the pink lace ribbon around them completed the decorations.  The serving dishes were all silver, white, or clear.

On the mantle, I used Gerber daisies in old baby bottles to give the space a little oomph.  For the gift table, I dug out a yard sale gem I had been saving for just this purpose - an old white wicker toy baby carriage, with a glittery little "Joy" ornament conveying our exact feeling in celebrating our girl Lauren expecting her first girl!

Last, on a side table we served punch.  I was remiss that I did not get a photo of the punch bowl filled with our mimosa-like concoction, but here is a photo of the bowl and some baby chicks made from greenery with a festive pink ribbon tied around their necks.  We thought that gave the little birds a jaunty look.  ;o)

All in all, we were very pleased with the way the party turned out.  Lauren got some adorable goodies for her little pink bundle of joy, and we all enjoyed socializing, sipping, and nibbling (OK, maybe it was more like gulping and chowing down, but you get the picture).  

Now all we need is for Lauren to have another baby and we can start all over!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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