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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Be it ever so humble.... it still deserves a gift

"Home is an invention on which no one has yet improved."  Ann Douglas

As most of our readers know, my husband and I just moved into a new home (and yes, I have already had our Bunco group here to appropriately christen it)!  We are loving it, especially
having our family and friends over to spend time with us and our new little one.  What good is a home if it's not properly shared??

While they should not do it, many of our friends have brought us housewarming gifts and meals.  It shouldn't surprise me, since many of these good folk are born 'n bred Southerners.  Now, I want my "Yankee" friends to understand - I mean absitively posolutely no harm when I talk about the hospitality of the South.  I know and can certainly appreciate the fact that numerous kind gestures occur above the Mason Dixon line.... and by people who have never even heard of (let alone tasted) a hominy grit.  But -  let's cut through the cotton, shall we?  Us Southerners, if we know anything, know how to be hospitable.  While not perfect (but who is?), particularly sociable and gift-giving are we.

Two of those recently partaking in such sociable gift-giving are Bonnie and Doug.  Bonnie and Doug are friends that I've had since... well,  I can't even remember.  They are friends of my father's from high school, were friends of my father and my dear late mother, and now remain friends with my father and step-mother (who also knew them in high school).  They are like family to me - being around them makes me feel cozy and safe, in only that way that old friends and family can.  Not to mention that they are one of the funniest couples you will ever meet!

Last week Bonnie and Doug came over to see our new home and visit the baby.  They brought with them a gift I just had to share, as I think it's the perfect housewarming gift.  They brought us a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread (along with some delicious cheese dip), and a container of sea salt.  Along with this lovely assortment was a card with the following toast, made famous from its use in It's a Wonderful Life:

Bread ... that this house may never know hunger.
Salt ... that life may always have flavor.
And wine ... that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

(For those of you out there who've never seen this Yuletide classic, this is the toast George and Mary Bailey give the Martinis when they move to a new home). 

Isn't that just a sweet and clever gift?  It covers all the important bases, while being memorable and also something all homeowners can enjoy (not to mention use).  I can't wait to copy this thoughtful gesture next time I need to give a house-warming gift.

May we all be safe at home tonight, and enjoying our loved ones!



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Bobbie said...

What a wonderful idea!