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Monday, September 19, 2011

If I had Twenty Dollars....

Today will mark the first in a series entitled "If I had Twenty Dollars..."  (Is If I Had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies in your head yet? If it wasn't, I apologize, but gosh, what a catchy tune that was... "but not a real fur coat, that's cruel...." ) But I digress.

Now, the purpose of this series is to reveal what I would do if I found myself with a twenty-dollar bill that just had to be spent immediately.  (And contrary to my husband's beliefs, that is not the state of all twenty-dollar bills that make their way into my wallet).  Why $20?  
Because while it's not a tiny amount, it's not a fortune either... and because it's a common amount to win at Bunco of course!

So right this very minute, if I had just won $20 at Bunco, I would spend it on:

(1) OPI Nail Polish in You Don't Know Jacques ($7.43 from Club Beauty, an Amazon seller).  Why?  Because it's OPI, because this color is still all the rage (thank you Kim Kardashian), and because this gray shade looks pretty with fall clothes.

(2) Great American Wreaths by (who else?) Martha Stewart.  $13.60 if you purchase straight from Amazon (although cheaper used versions are available too).  Why?  With the fall and holiday season just almost right upon us, the gorgeous wreaths featured in this 144 page manual are incredibly timely.  And although published in 1996, all the ideas are still fabulous and the step-by-steps are key.  I saw Martha talking about this on her new show on The Hallmark Channel (I know, I know) the other day, and just have to have it.  

And that's that ladies!

By the by, I do know that adding $7.43 and $13.60 equals $21.03, but close enough say I.  I can save that $1.03 (plus some, and then some) from couponing anyway... but that's a blog for another day.



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