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Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Go, Pregnant Girl... and take those tacky shoes with you...

With Labor Day now having come and gone, there is a surprising crispness to the air here in Atlanta.  It sure is a nice change from the down-right sweltering weather we were having.  So that our readers in less, shall we say, near-tropic climates can understand, it was literally stifling hot.  And you know what they say about Southern humidity....
well, actually I don't know what they say about Southern humidity.... but trust me, it's awful!  :o)  The hot and humid air prevented much outdoor activity other than getting to the car as quickly as possible or going to the swimming pool.  

Another plus to the recent arrival of such pleasant fall weather is that it makes me even that much more excited about fall clothes.  But I must admit, I am a bit sad about all the cute summer clothes I missed out on wearing this year.  Since I was pregnant until just a few months ago, my "cute summer clothes" have consisted mainly of maternity sundresses and my husband's old t-shirts and boxers (just around the house, and just while pregnant) and then whatever-I-could-get-into-and-look-decent-in (post-pregnant).  How fashionable, right?  And let's not even get started on the shoes I had to wear.... while not awful, they were not the strappy heels I wanted to be frolicking around in. 

Now you might be thinking that the weather will get warm again and this is just a cool spell hitting ol' Georgia, and that I will get a chance to wear some cute summery-type frocks.  And if you are thinking that, you're probably right.  But here's the glitch in that theory, however logical... the glitch that makes me even write this post... I won't be able to wear a cute white dress.  We all know that there are some fashion rules that Southern women can't bear to break, and wearing white after Labor Day is one of them.  Is it that big a deal that I missed all the white dresses this year?  Of course not.  But let's just look at all the cute white summer dresses that are out there that I could have been wearing this year, if I had not been "with child." (Doesn't that sound so angelic?)  

Wouldn't this be cute at a summer cocktail party?  (Certainly not a summer wedding though, unless you are the bride or unless you just felt, oh, like breaking only the most sacred of fashion rules.  Is it only me, or should brides be allowed to turn away any female wedding guest over the age of 12 and under the age of 70 who dares to show up in white?)

I missed out on all dresses like this this season.
And this would have been a good Bunco outfit, sans the parasol.

P.S. Carrie, lest I unwittingly offend you, let me add that I really do like your parasol.
Chic and sun-savvy to boot.  It just would be silly to take to Bunco.

Love her hair, love her dress, love her shoes... and love her "Now where the hell IS he?"
stance in looking out that window.  Better get a move on, Romeo.

This would be perfect for Church, or a Baptism.
Now I know I was not a bride this past summer so I would not have worn something like this anyway, but humor me.  It's pretty and I wanted to share.  :o)

This would have been perfect for a night on the town while on a tropic vacation.... 

And below are just a few more lovelies to look at.... I don't know where I would ever wear a white suit like that, but it sure is pretty. 

While perusing the web for the above white ensembles (say it with a French accent and you're twice as chic, I swear), I found a line of short wedding dresses that are to die for.  I myself wore a short white wedding dress to my rehearsal dinner, and I love that dress so much I'd wear it once a week if I could.  Just look at how pretty this line is:

Aren't they too fabulous?  For any brides-to-be out there that think these dresses are not to be missed, there is more info on them here and they can be purchased at Neiman Marcus.  Naturally.

Anyway, none of the above dresses would have really have been all that appropriate for Bunco (except yours of course, Carrie) or any of the other social events my husband and I went to this summer, but I just don't care. I missed out on wearing them and I wanted to whine about it.  (OK, semi-whine, as I would have worn a burlap sack for the 9-really-10 months of pregnancy just to get my hands on this sweet baby boy).  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



P.S. Here is the short wedding dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner.  She's a Melissa Sweet and I love her so.

And here's me in "Sweet Melissa."  Notice the way I would not let my dear sweet groom put any pressure on my oh-so-carefully steamed bustle.  Priorities, people, priorities.


Sarah said...

Lindsay, I am loving all of these dresses! Though it's not quite fair looking at them just after Labor Day!

Do you have any more details on the "tropical" dress that is labeled "Dress of the Day"?

Dixie Delights said...

love. love. love. sweet melissa most of all. how very fab of you. xoxo

Catherine & Lindsay said...

Thanks Dixie Delights!! :o) That's a big compliment, coming from you!

Sarah, check out the link below. It's a Neiman's dress, currently on sale for $115 (from $330)!!!