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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor of Love....

It's Labor Day!  We hope all our readers are enjoying their holiday in whatever way suits their fancy.  Here in Atlanta, it's been a dreary/cozy/sleepy kind of day... I must admit, it's been a nice and relaxing way to end a 3 day weekend.  

I hope you enjoy these images I found that reminded me of this holiday, in some shape or form...    

Rosie the Riveter has the right idea! 

A little beach-side bowling in a fab vintage frock, anyone?

PBR shows customers from the '60s how to serve an easy and tasty spread.... gotta love canned meat!  (Well.... not really, but I can understand its convenience).

A Labor Day parade from the early 20th century.

Too cute!  And gosh, bathing suits sure were more appealing to a woman 11 weeks post-pregnancy in those days!  Where can I get one of these modest numbers?!?

I hope no one is doing anything similar to this today....
unless of course it's a fun sewing project (and if you've got one, share it with us at - you might be featured in a future blog post)!

Ummmmm.... whatcha doing there, Sally??
I guess that's one way to get a breeze up your skirt ....
and I must admit I do love her fab stockings with garters!

This watermelon-lovin' gang was probably pre-Labor Day,
but they sure have the right idea for a good ol' fashioned holiday activity!
I just love this photo.... 

Amen to that!

Is it just me, or are these suits really cute?  And I love the matching hats... oh, and notice the fair complexions on these gals.... no skin-ruining tans there!  ;o)

And with that, I'm off to work on a craft project or two.... I know that's not really resting but it's how I want to spend this rainy afternoon.  (And hey, gotta take advantage of a napping husband and baby when I can)....



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